Skylight Repair Info


Everyone loves to have natural light in their business or office, but with time, skylights may start leaking or causing serious problems. In addition, older skylights may simply need updating, and the expert repair team at Crystal Structures believes many of these skylights that are no longer bringing light and joy to their homeowners can be repaired more simply and less costly than full replacement.

For many small business owners, for example, repairing your skylight is the right choice. For example, if your skylight and roof system are less than five-years-old, you might find the problems, i.e. leaking or cracked glass, are easily fixed when you bring in a professional.

Really scary skylight? See how it stacks up in our Ugly Skylight Gallery.

Small leaks? We can handle both inspecting and resealing the flashings, glazing seals, and mechanical parts.

Cracked glass? You are in the right place, glazing is our specialty and installation of new pieces is generally simple and less costly than a new, complete skylight.

Big leaks? This is more extensive repair that includes the interventions listed above, but also requires professionals that may work on the roofing material around the skylight, installing water and ice shields and then putting the roof back into its original condition.

Full replacement? If you think you might need a full replacement, our team will give you an honest and detailed assessment so that YOU can make the right decision for your business.

Ready to start letting the sun back in? Contact us and we will get an expert on the case!