Hey Glass Companies – We got your back!

Commercial Glass Company

If you take a look back over the last year, how many jobs did you pass up?

Those jobs on the fringe that just didn’t fit into your ideal project – every glass company has a few each year.

When you work with Crystal Structures, you don’t have to pass up any glazing project.

We’ve got your back on those unusual projects like

  • Metal framed skylights
  • Polycarbonate canopies
  • Point-supported glass canopies
  • Translucent walls
  • Large glazed structures
  • Greenhouses too

You decide how much or how little you need from us:

  • Framing systems only
  • Glass or polycarbonate
  • Installation or no installation
  • The complete scope of work

When you’re looking to quote on a project, don’t let that specialty glazed item keep you from fulfilling he entire bid packet.

We’re your “go-to” source for any sloped glazing project. We’ll work with you to help you get the job and provide as much or as little support as you need.

What can we help you bid today?