Canopy Systems

Canopies are often not the first thought when constructing a building. But for people who will enter the building, a canopy is the first thing they encounter. The canopy is protection from the elements and adornment for the building. When choosing a canopy, you’ll find that we have the expertise to help you with a custom design for your structure.

All canopies undergo a complete engineering analysis that ensures it will withstand the local weather conditions including: uplift, live loads, wind and drift loads.

Systems & Features

Multi-Wall Standing Seam Polycarbonate

The multiwall polycarbonate canopies combine the benefits of design, light transmission, thermal insulation and strength all in one.  It’s ideal for radius and sloped canopies and covers.

Lawrenceburg Event Center
  • Quick installation
  • HD aluminum clips
  • UV resistant coating
  • 23 11/16″ wide panels
  • Up to 43′ in panel length
  • 13′ minimum bending radius
  • 20mm thickness
  • Available in clear, opal, bronze, green and blue
  • Clear polycarbonate battens or matching aluminum battens
  • Minimum 1/12 slope, 5%
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Low Slope Monolithic Standing Seam Polycarbonate

The single sheet polycarbonate panels offer superior drainage in a low slope design and are a cost-effective solution, compared to point-supported applications.

Hampton Inn, Tampa

The panels are stronger than glass and are available in several different colors.

  • 4mm monolithic panel
  • UV resistant coating
  • 23 11/16″ wide panels
  • Almost flat applications are possible
  • Powder coat clear anodized color battens
  • Appearance similar to glass

Awning Style Sunshades & Canopies
Translucent or solid

These canopies are made like our skylights.  They use the same strong, corrosion-proof aluminum extrusions to support single-glazed panels or polycarbonate.

Pottery Barn, Captured Frame

The base track mounts to your structural member and you can use a multitude of glazing types. We can also provide structural frame systems. Choose from the laminated glass, multi-wall sheet polycarbonate, or monolithic sheet polycarbonate for your low slope application.

  • The use of sheet goods reduces the cost
  • Installs fast
  • Design flexibility
  • Framing is available in bronze, white, and custom Kynar colors
  • Clear & bronze anodized is also available
  • 4 weepage channels for moisture removal
  • No exposed fasteners.
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Low Profile Barrel Vault Walkways

Many times a curved cover is desired over walkways.  These can be “open” or can completely cover the walkway as a tunnel.

Glenwood Resource Center
  • Single or double glazed with polycarbonate
  • Clear, opal, bronze, or gray glazing
  • Minimum radius:
    • 3mm – 18″
    • 4mm – 24″
    • 5mm – 30″
    • 6mm – 36″
  • UV resistant coating
  • “No-mar” coating on hard surface available for high traffic areas
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All Glass Fully Enclosed Walkways (curved or square eave)
Glass enclosed walkway

Designed for cold climates where snow and ice accumulations are frequent.  Also a good idea for locations in high heat where air conditioning may be used.

  • Thermally broken frames
  • Insulated glass with high-performance coatings
  • White or bronze frames
  • Optional: custom frame colors
  • Doors, operable windows, and vents
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Aluminum Sub-Structures

We are able to design and supply the sub-structures that will support your canopy.  We specialize in aluminum fabrication.  Our canopies can mount to steel sub-structures but we do not manufacture steel.  Each sub-structure is designed per project load requirements.