Single Unit Skylight – Details

The single unit skylight adds the luminosity of daylight in small proportions.

In today’s “GREEN” world, energy efficient skylights are quickly becoming a standard building component with most commercial projects.  Our Galaxy Unit Skylight has been designed for thermal efficiency and fast installation. The frame is thermally broken to reduce the transfer of heat and cold; and since it is pre-glazed it can install in minutes not hours.

Details for single unit skylights
Single Unit Skylight

We have several standard sizes that will reduce the cost and enhance delivery schedules. We also can build special sizes and shapes. Size limitations are governed by shipping, handling and glass specifications.

View Details (click each item to get detailed sketches):

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Framing Considerations:

Please use our standard sizes in an effort to save money and faster lead time by choosing one of the standard pre-glazed sizes below.

  • 3′ X 3′, 3′ X 4′, 3′ X 5′, 3′ X 6′
  • 4′ X 4′, 4′ X 5′, 4′ X 6′
  • 5′ X 5′, 5′ X 6′
  • 6′ X 6′

    Unit Skylight Curb Prep
    Unit Skylight Curb Prep
Glazing Considerations:

We recommend our standard SilverCoat E-366 insulated glass.  The SilverCoat E-366 is the most cost effective hi-performance glass we offer.  While there are virtually endless glass options available,  we have found that SilverCoat E-366 is a good choice for most applications. It has high energy performance ratings and a full 20 year warranty.  Our standard make up is ¼” clear fully tempered glass over 1/4“ clear HS laminated with a .060 inter-layer.

Specifications – CSI # 08-62-00 / 08620
  • Specs for single unit with polycarbonate: PDF Version  ||  Editable Word Version
  • Specs for single unit with glass:  PDF Version  ||  Editable Word Version

Note: These specs are our standard specifications for the CSI section 086300 for Metal Framed Skylights; all specs are editable and can be modified per project and or for custom modifications.