Vertical Walls – 850 Series

Roof lanterns or skylights with vertical walls are a daylighting cupola architectural element with a rich history.  These custom skylights are a unique way to add sophistication to a building.

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Custom Skylight with Vertical Walls – 850 Series

[btnsx id=”1228″]Vertical Member

[btnsx id=”1229″]Gable Corner Member

[btnsx id=”1230″]Hipped Rafter 

[btnsx id=”1231″]Sill Connection

[btnsx id=”1232″]Horizontal Mullion

[btnsx id=”1234″]Gable Corner Member

[btnsx id=”1235″]Ridge Detail

[btnsx id=”1236″]Horizontal Mullion at Eave

[btnsx id=”1627″]Rafter Detail

[btnsx id=”1628″]Rafter at Building

[btnsx id=”1629″]Vertical Member at Building

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Specifications – CSI # 08-63-00 / 086300
Rafter Spacing
– Our standard bay spacing is 3’ 2¼”.

Note: These specs are our standard specifications for the CSI section 086300 for Metal Framed Skylights; all specs are editable and can be modified per project and or for custom modifications.