Features Benefits
200 Standard Models Save time and money with standard sizes
Thermally broken aluminum Reduces transfer of heat and cold
reduces condensation and frost collecting on the frame
Internal “Tear Duct” weepage system Will drain moisture down to the sill where it’s then forced to the outside
Low awning windows Place our awning windows below your siteline. This allows you to view the great outdoors clearly
Built in Comfort Glide shade tracks Easily insulate with shades to reduce heating or cooling costs
Concealed stainless steel fasteners Resists rust, aesthetically pleasing
Built in accessory tracks Easily hang accessories without drilling additional, unsightly holes
Standard 36″ wide bays (38 1/4″ OC) Our bays are 20% larger than most competitor
Glazing rafters extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum, non structural from 6063-T6 with 4 sizes This rigid framing system is structurally sound and can spa larger depths than most competitors without additional support
Closed cell tape on all horizontal members Prevents water and moisture penetration
Quad-fin gaskets, made from EPDM rubber Provides the best protection against leaks
Pre-cut, pre-drilled components all labeled at the factory Less on-site fabrication saves time and money
Tempered 15/16″ insulated safety glass with several high performance options Tempered safety glass is strong and safe
SilverCoat E-366, E-272, E-240 hi-performance glass Efficiently heat and cool the space with better glazing options
Bent spacer corners and dual-seal technology A single, non-corner splice instead of jointed corners and two seals dramatically reduce the chance of seal failure
Optional frame finishes that meet AAMA standards for fading / chalking Frame finishes will look great for years. Anodized and Kynar options available
Seamless bar-cap covers Eliminates seams in the frame, looks great and hides screws
Factory fabricated windows and doors specially designed for our glazed structures Ensures high quality grade accessories for visual appeal and long lasting energy efficiency
Comfort Glide shade system for sun screening or insulation Optional accessory to reduce direct sunlight and enhance the interior design of your glass enclosure