Heritage Skylight Series

Historical Skylights
Historical Bay City Skylight
Historical Bay City Hall Atrium
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The Heritage Skylight Series replicates the components and confirmation of historical skylights. The series is ideal for meeting the needs of historical building projects or to capture the architectural style of the last century. The Heritage Skylight Series provides the appearance of historical skylights while still meeting today’s performance and building code standards.  Click to download print version. 


Historical skylights were designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the more common configurations included hipped ridgelites, pyramids, oculus or faceted domes, sawtooth ridgelites and lanterns with short vertical walls along the perimeter. Often these skylights would have smaller bays than typical modern designs. These shapes and more can be achieved with the use of the Heritage Series.

Historical Chappy Mall SkylightCOMPONENTS

All skylights are made up of two primary components, the framing and the glazing. Historical skylights were no different. The Heritage series framing starts with contemporary aluminum components in a variety of sizes to meet current load requirements but can be finished with one of several different methods.

For example, many historical skylights were framed in plain aluminum or sheet metal. The appearance can be replicated with a clear, anodized finish which provides the same look while preserving the longevity of the material. Other finishes are also available which can provide the appearance of older products like white or flat black paint (we use Kynar or PowderCoat). Or the skylights can be clad in copper on all visible surfaces.

The glazing for most historical skylights was a single pane of clear glass. The appearance of single, clear glass is not compromised by using insulated glass and there are several Low-E products available with the Heritage series that allows close to 70% light transmission.

Each Heritage series skylight includes a tempered outboard lite with a heat strengthened laminate interior layer. This meets the modern building code requirements while still providing the appearance of an historical skylight.

Historical Chicken Wire Historical Diamond PatternIn the 50’s and 60’s wired glass was often used in an effort to keep broken glass contained within the framework. The Heritage Skylight Series is available with a simulated wired glass pattern. The glass makeup is the same as the clear / Low-E product except it is patterned with a ceramic frit on the third surface to give the appearance of wired glass. Patterns available include diamond or “chicken” wire. This look is achieved without compromising the performance or code requirements.

Ridge cresting, finials or lightning rods are just some of the additional options available with the Heritage series. There are also simulated divided lights and raised horizontal caps to enhance the historical effect.Historical Skylights