Bangor Savings Bank

About this Project

The crown jewel of the Bangor Savings Bank branch in Augusta, Maine is the custom 21-foot octagonal skylight dramatically situated above the third-floor atrium. Built by Crystal Structures, the nation’s only sloped glazing provider with fully in-house design, manufacturing, installation, and service capabilities, this showstopping skylight demonstrates the company’s nearly half-century of innovation in the industry.

Skylight over pool Cavalier
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On a practical level, the enormous 8-sided skylight floods the soaring atrium with plentiful natural light. Skylights are highly effective at reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, and this is an exceptionally large and impactful example. Aesthetically, the geometric glass structure provides visual drama and flair, drawing the eye upwards to appreciate its scale and symmetry.

As the skylight’s designer, manufacturer, and installer, Crystal Structures leveraged complete control of the project from concept to completion. The company’s depth of expertise across all facets of sloped glazing enabled tight integration of form and function. The eye-catching yet practical skylight reflects the capabilities only found at Crystal Structures.

The Bangor Savings Bank can be reassured that their custom skylight comes backed by a level of sloped glazing expertise found nowhere else. For signature showpieces or straightforward illumination, Crystal Structures has the full creative and functional potential to handle any sloped glazing project.