Rep: Contractor List

Sometimes it’s good to go to a contractor knowing they have worked with Crystal Structures in the past. This is a list of contractors, glass companies, and roofing contractors we have worked with over the last 8 years.  For additional questions, feel free to contact your rep liaison.

A & H Glass
Addition Building & Design
Adena Corp. General Contractor
Advanced Glass & Mirror
Advantage Glass
Affordable Sunrooms
Agostini Construction
Aireko Abroad LLC
Akal Builders of NY, Inc.
Alberici Constructors
Alcoe Window & Door
Alliance Construction
Alliance Corporation
Allied Glass & Aluminum
Altman Contracting
Alyea Greenhouses
AMB Construction
AP Construction
APS Contracting
Argo Building
Arthur Dudley Contractor
Arthur Dudley Contractor
Artistic Remodeling
ASC Remodeling
Atlantech Systems
Austin Industries
Backyard Designs
Bacon Agostini Construction
Bacon Construction
Bast Hatfield Constr. LLC
Beards Glass & Metal
Beck and Hofer Construction
Bernards Builders
Bill Phelps Construction
Binswanger Glass
Blakleys (See also 24521)
Bowdoin Construction
Brayton Construction
Brin Contract Glazing
Brinkmann Constructors
Brocon Services
Bruno Clay Management
Builders Commonwealth
Builders Unlimited
Building Technicians
Burns & Scalo
Burns Building
C & C Construction
C & T Development
C. Raymond Davis & Sons
CAM Construction
Camm Construction
Cardinal Glass & Door
Cavanaugh Building
CD Smith Construction
Century Construction & Realty
Chandler Architectural Products
Chanree Construction Co. Inc.
Charlotte Glass
Clements Brothers Glass
Cleveland Construction
Clyde McHenry
Collier Warehouse
Collier Windows Doors
Columbia Sussex Corp
Columbus Glass & Mirror
Conger Construction
Construction Dynamics
Construction Network Inc.
Contractors Network Inc.
Conway Glass, LLC
Coonrod Construction
Countryside Scapes
Cox Construction
Craftsman Storefronts
Creative Construction Solutions
Creative Constructors
Crossland Construction
Crystal Glass
CSI Construction
Custom Exteriors
Daggett Builders
Danis Industrial
Davtech Window Service
Dennis VanBuskirk
DGA Builders
Division 8 Solutions
DKS Services
Dream Sunrooms & Windows
Dugan Construction
Duluc, Inc.
Dustin Construction
E. R. Stuebner, Inc.
eci Construcion
Eckman Construction
Edgewater Construction
EE Reed
Elmer W. Davis Roofing
Emerald Sunrooms
EMS Construction
Engineered Construction Products
ESI Construction
Evan Johnson Construction
Evan-Talan Homes
Exxel Pacific
FH Pashens/S N Nielsen Inc.
FIP Construction
FL Crane & Sons
Flower City Glass
Flynn Midwest LP
Forish Construction Company
Forrester Const. Co.
FQC Construction Management
G & G Construction
G Dixon & Associates
G-W Mngmt Services
G.B. Wineland
General Glass
George Robertson
Gibraltar Construction Corp.
Gingerelli Brothers Construction
Glade Construction
Glass Systems
Glass Today
Glass, Inc.
Glenmar Construction
Gordon H. Baver, Inc.
Gracon LLC
Great View Siding & Sunrooms
Greatview Sunrooms
Greenwall Construction
Gregory Construction
Guy Hopkins Construction
Hale Building Company
Hamel Builders
Hardy Construction
Harnon Huffman
Harrisburg Glass
Harvey Construction
Hausmann Construction
Hayslett Construction
Hemm’s Glass
Hemphill Services
Henry Carlson Company
Herlong & Associates (arch firm)
Hewett Company
Home Solutions of Nebraska Inc.
Hourigan Construction
Huotari Const.
Hutton Construction
Icon Structures
IHC Construction Company
Illuminating Enterprises
Integrity Developers
Intertex Companies
Investment & Enterprise
J & R Construction
J C Orr & Son
J.C. Ripberger Construction
J&R Construction
Jack Gibson Construction
Jacobs Glass dba Windows Plus
Jantz Construction
JE Dunn
Jeff Neely & Company LLC
Jerocorp (Obayashi)
Jim Plunket Glazing
JJW Construction, LLC
JL Hardy Construction
John Rohrer Contracting
John S. Clark Co.
Juneau Construction
K. O. O. Construction
Kadean Construction
Kasco Construction
Kellogg & Kimsey
Kelly Glass
Kenstar Construction Corp.
Key Construction
Kieffer Built Construction
Killian Construction
Killian Group
Kirst Construction
Klein Construction
Knox Glass
KPH Construction
Kraemer Brothers
L M Petersen
L&M Roofing
Lake Canyon Enterprises
Lambrian Construction
Landry/French Construction
Lane Construction
Lathrop Construction
Layton Construction
LeChase Construction
Leonard S. Fiore, Inc
Lippert Brothers
LM Petersen
Loeffler Construction
Logani LP
Luke Draily Construction
M D Descant
M. O’Connor Contracting
Macs Construction
MarCon Erectors Inc.
Marion Glass & Aluminum
Marvin & Lee Schmucker
Mascaro Construction
Massey’s Glass
MB Contracting
McCarthy Building
McCown Gordon Construction
McNutt & Company
McPherson Contractors
MD Descant
MEJA Construction
Merit Construction
Messer Construction
Metro D Construction
Metro Group of Long Island
Meyer Contracting
Michael Wise
Midway SDC, Inc.
Midwest Glass
Mike Hill Residence
Mill Iron Timberworks
Miller General Contractors
Miron Construction
Missouri Glass
Modern Building Company
Mollerup Glass
Monahan Company
Montagno Construction
Murnane Building
Murphy’s Window & Sunrooms
MYCON Gen. Contr.
Myers General Comm Corp
Nabholz Construction
Nat’l Bldg Restoration
Nello Construction
NEP Glass
New England Builders & Contractors
Nickerson & O’Day
Niram Construction
Nittany Building Specialties
Northern Awning & Window Co
Northern Metal & Roofing
Nunn construction
Nurnberg Roofing Company
O’Haver Contractors
Oakridge Builders
Oasis Automotive, LLC
Olympic Peninsula Const
Omni Glass
Oyster Point Construction
Ozanne Construction
P&C Construction
Pact Two LLC
Page 2 Corporation
Panola Construction
Panzica Construction
PC Construction
Peinado Construction
Pergola Construction Company Inc.
Perrotto Builders
Peska Construction
Peyronin Construction
Piazza Construction
Pizzagalli Construction Company
Poettker Construction
Ponton Construction
Pope Construction Company
Prime Contractors
Primrose Homes
Pyramid Contracting
Raymond Rieser (Kristof LLC)
RB Construction
RD Architectural
RdB Greenhouse
Red Gate Window & Door
Red Wing Construction Company
Resolute Building Company
Reynolds Construction
RFD Company
Rinner Construction
RLM Construction
Robertson Construction
Robin Brown & Associates
Robins & Morton
Rod Cooke Construction
Rogers Construction
Roof Management Inc
Roy Kirby & Sons Inc.
Rudolph Libbe, Inc
Rusco Window Company Inc.
Rushforth Construction
S C & A Construction
Sachi Contractors
SAF Inc.
Satterfield & Pontikes
Sauerwein Construction
Schilt Mgmnt Svcs (SMS)
Scott Crossman
Scott Long Construction
Sedalco Construction Svcs
Sentry General Contractors
Shea’s Glass
Sickles Corporation
Sigal Construction
Solarium / Skylight, Inc
Solarium Designs
Southwest Builders
Spawglass Contractors
Springfield Glass
Steve & Company
Story Construction
Streeter Associates
Sumter Contracting
Sunrooms Plus
Sunspace Design
Sussner Construction Inc.
SW Builders
Tenco Excavating
Teton Heritage Builders
The Barr Company
The Daimler Group
The Law Company
The Royal Group
Theut Glass
Titan Roofing
Toebben Builders & Developers
Toray Plastics
Total Contracting
Tower Contracting
Transit Construction
Tri City Glass
Trinity Group Construction
TS Gray Construction
Tsunami Ventures LLC
Turner Construction
Tyler Lane Construction
United Construction
US Glass
Vengar Construction
Viking Glass
ViktorHall Construction LLC
Vos Construction
W. Carter & Associates
Walters Morgan Construction
Walton Construction
Walz Harman Huffman
Warner Construction
Weis Builders
Welliver McGuire Inc.
Whillock Contracting
White Spunner
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Wickham Glass
Williford Orman Const.
Womack Construction
Worsham Brothers, Inc.
Worth Construction
Wray Roofing
Wright Brothers
Wright-Ryan Construction
WRL General Contractors
Wu & Associates
Wyser Construction