Richard Montanye

“I really enjoy working with our customers. For me, it’s all about the people and helping them.”

~ Richard

Customer Service

Meet Richard Montanye, Customer Service Specialist

Although Richard has been with Crystal Structures since 2007, this wasn’t where he got his start. Years before joining the team over 15 years ago, Richard was a butcher.  You could find him behind the counter at Carl Bell’s trimming up steaks and chops.  After that, he got started in construction sales, traveling all week long.  But being away from his family really didn’t make him happy.  So for a year, he called on Crystal Structures asking about an opening.   Richard saw the potential this company had and wanted to be a part of the team.

When a spot finally became available, Richard jumped in feet first helping out where ever needed.  Through the years Richard has been a part of the manufacturing team, helped with purchasing, and also performed shipping duties.  In a growing enterprise, it’s not unusual to wear many hats.  But today Richard is happy to just wear one, customer service specialist.  

Although he does actually own another hat, well helmet really.  Richard is also an avid Harley rider who often rides his bike to work.   When you call for service, be sure to ask him about his Harley.  That’s what really makes him light up.  That and talking about his wife, Jeanne.

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