Ron Kastner named President of Sunshine Rooms, Inc.

Ron Kastner, President Sunshine Rooms Inc

“This is truly an exciting and motivating time in the company’s history. I’m looking forward to the things we will accomplish together.”

~ Ron Kastner

President, Sunshine Rooms, Inc.

Wade Griffith, founder and president for over forty years stepping back.

Sunshine Rooms, Inc., the parent company of Crystal Structures, is pleased to announce that effective January 3, 2023, Ron Kastner has been appointed the new company president.

Ron brings a wealth of expertise to this role, having served as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for the past three years. Prior to joining Sunshine Rooms, Ron served as Vice President of Operations at RedGuard, He was also the Chief Operations Officer at Pixius Communications for over a decade. Ron has a record of providing focused leadership, operations management, revenue driven business models that increase profit and market advantage. He is known for leading with authenticity and building synergistic teams that are energized to grow the business.

In his previous role as COO of Sunshine Rooms, Ron has been responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations and has become well-versed in the finer points of specialty glazing. His ability to visualize the production process and identify areas of opportunity in addition to his accounting skills make him the ideal person to take the lead at Sunshine Rooms.

“I am very thankful and excited for the opportunity to lead such an experienced team,” said Ron. Our core focus going forward will be engaging in industry-leading customer interactions, pushing ourselves for better efficiencies, creative designs, and solutions. The team’s extensive experience in specialty and vertical glazing projects will allow us to partner with our customers in ways others may not be able to.”

With the new president in place, Wade Griffith is resigning his role as the company’s president and manager and will now serve as Chairman of the Board for Sunshine Rooms Inc. As the founding employee and original president of Sunshine Rooms, established in 1980, Wade has been instrumental in building the company into what it is today. He has had the vision and foresight to overcome market challenges and adapt to consumer and industry demands.

A new advisory board has been put in place to work with Wade and will join him in overseeing corporate activities, assessing the company’s performance, and making recommendations for future growth.

“It has been an incredible 40 years with Sunshine Rooms, Inc., and I have watched the company and team grow,” said Wade. “The company today is positioned for continuing success with the knowledge, resources, and an outstanding team. It has truly been a privilege to lead the team in building a unique business like Sunshine Rooms Inc. Looking back, I could hardly have imagined seeing the company evolve to become what it has today, and I look forward to seeing the Company continue to advance and grow under Ron’s leadership.”

“This is truly an exciting and motivating time in the company’s history,” Ron added. I’m looking forward to the things we will accomplish together.”

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