Say hello to Gus Frey

Gus Frey knows sales and he knows the contractor side of the business. He comes to us after successful stints as a vice president for Eversteel Roof Solutions and as general manager for New Image Roofing and Construction. Now, he’s bringing his extensive knowledge, his relationships and his competitive edge to work for us at Crystal Structures Glazing.

For Gus, our Regional Sales Manager, it’s all about maintaining solid relationships. Married to Alissa and a doting dad, when he isn’t helping customers and designers find their perfect match, Gus takes time out to volunteer at his church and children’s school. At work, as in his private life, Gus is the master of the thoughtful follow-through.

Gus joined our team in late 2017 and has been rocking sales and customer service ever since. But, if he has a bit of time to himself? You just might catch Gus strumming a tune on a guitar. The Wichita State graduate (and Shocker fan) has had a musical side since his youth – even once playing on the same festival stage as the rock band Puddle of Mudd.