Comfort Glide Shades – Energy Savings

At Crystal Structures, we take pride in providing unique features that provide added savings and value to our products.  Our Comfort Glide Shades© are no exception! When you want to take advantage of skylights, greenhouses or other glazed structures for the LEED credits available but don’t want to experience heat / cooling loss – you need Comfort Glide Shades©.

Here’s how it works:

Shade systems can be adjusted with the movement of the sun to optimizing daylighting while reducing solar heat gain and glare.  Shading is ideal for green building because it improves energy efficiency and boosts occupant satisfaction via daylighting.  Shading systems contribute points for energy savings and controllable lighting systems without disqualifying points for daylighting and views.

Shades stored when not in use
Shades stored when not in use

According to the LEED credits, shading can assist in the following areas:

  • EA Prerequisite 2, Minimum Energy Performance (0 points): This credit establishes a minimum level of energy efficiency for buildings, based on energy costs.
  • EA Credit 1, Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 points):   This credit rewards LEED projects for achieving energy efficiency beyond the minimum set forth in EA Prerequisite 2. Points are awarded based on the energy cost savings percentage – the higher the percentage, the greater the number of points awarded.
  • IEQ Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 6.1, Controllability of Systems – Lighting (1 point):  This credit requires individual lighting controls for 90% of occupants AND lighting system controls for multi-occupant spaces. Depending on the shading system’s design, it could potentially help to meet this credit’s requirements.
  • IEQ Credit 8, Daylight and Views:  Because shading allows for daylighting without sacrificing energy inefficiency, shading indirectly supports this item

Our shades are either manual pull or motorized shading systems.  Manually operated systems use pull cords which run through hidden pulleys and tie off to cleats mounted to a wall or beam.  Motorized shades are operated by wall switch or radio frequency remote control.

Comfort Glide Shades© are available in a variety of durable, moisture-proof fabrics, textures, weaves and attractive fade-resistant designer colors. The choice of fabrics also gives you the ability to control the amount of privacy, heat reflectiveness, and heat retention.

Contact us for further information about using Comfort Glide Shades as part of  your LEED credit process.