Why Choose Crystal Structures


When you choose Crystal Structures for the glazing projects you benefit from our years of experience and many unique features like:

TearDuct Weepage System – unique to Crystal Structures,
no other company offers this unique design:

  • 4 separate weepage tracks to move water away from the structure
  • Moisture and internal condensation weeps to the outside
  • Greatly reduces the opportunity for mold and mildew
  • Enhances leak protection
  • Allows the glazing to breathe, stay dry and clear


Built-in accessory tracks – a Crystal Structures exclusive:

  • Hang signage, flags, lighting, fans, plants, and banners
  • Promote sporting or school events
  • No need to drill unsightly screw holes
  • Move hanging items easily, simply remove the screw, no hole is left behind!

Another Crystal Structures exclusive feature: built-in shade tracks

  • Built-in tracks
    allow for fast and easy installation of Comfort Glide© Shades or curtains
  • Manual or motorized shade options

The Comfort Glide© Shades are:

  • LEED friendly
  • Enjoy the daylight when the building is in use. (8 – 10 Hours per day)
  • Conserve energy when the building is closed by simply closing shades
  • Remote control option available for motorized shades
  • Many fabric and colors selections to choose from (great for matching school colors)
  • Shades block up to 90% of the light and heat – based on the type of shade purchased.

Thermally enhanced frames:

  • Use of polyurethane to separate aluminum
  • Reduces transfer of heat and cold from inside to outside across glass
  • Saves on heating and cooling cost
  • Reduces condensation and frosting over

Insulated Gables, Eaves & Sills:

  • Choice of 1″ or 2″ insulated styrofoam (saves energy)
  • Reduces the transfer of heat/cold
  • Greater interior comfort
  • Reduces wind noise

Exterior screw covers:

  • Protects fasteners from dirt and corrosion
  • Color-matched vanity cap to hide unsightly fasteners
  • Eliminates water and dirt trails

Stainless steel fasteners:

  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Long-lasting
  • Just looks cleaner and better!

High-quality frame finishes:

  • Fluoropolymer and Kynar paint (choice of 2 or 3 coats)
  • Anodized options
  • Keeps maintenance to a minimum
  • Two-tone paint options (saves money)

High-quality glazing options:

  • Standard SilverCoat E-366 / E-272 / E-240 (hi-performance glass)
  • Insulated glass with or without Low-E
  • Single pane tempered
  • Laminated safety glass
  • 25mm polycarbonate
  • Tint and colors
  • Ceramic frit
  • Missile impact glass

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