Historical Skylight Renovations

Bring History Back to Life with Crystal Structures’ Heritage Skylight Renovations

There’s a growing appreciation for heritage preservation today. With care and vision, we can restore historic spaces to their full splendor, and feel a connection to the past. That timeless beauty is worth preserving.

Gus Frey

National Sales Manager

Historic skylight renovations
Historical skylight renovation
historical skylight restoration

Historical buildings deserve faithful restorations that honor their original craftsmanship and architectural details. For decades, Crystal Structures has specialized in the accurate renovation of heritage skylights to revive their beauty while meeting modern standards.

Our Heritage Skylight Series reproduces the shapes, components, and styling of skylights from past eras. Whether your project features hipped ridgelights, faceted domes, pyramids, sawtooth designs, wire glass, or other historical elements, we can recreate them with care and expertise.

Meticulous Attention to Historical Accuracy

The architects at Crystal Structures study the unique characteristics of each historical skylight to reproduce it flawlessly. We determine the exact shape, dimensions, framing, and glazing used in the original design. Then we engineer a renovation that captures every aesthetic detail in our contemporary Heritage Series.

Our aluminum structural frames meet today’s building loads and codes. But we finish them to mimic the original material, whether plain metal, painted, anodized, or clad in copper. The glazing replicates single pane aesthetics while incorporating insulated, laminated safety glass and high-performance Low-E coatings.

For mid-century wired glass, we recreate the pattern in ceramic frit on insulated glass. We can also recreate historical cresting, finials, divided lights, and other bespoke details tailor-made for your renovation. The result blends seamlessly with the heritage architecture.


Historical Skylight  Restoration Fact

When restoring historical skylights, preserving the original design geometry, proportions and sightlines is crucial for maintaining architectural integrity.

Built to Last with Modern Performance

While restoring the beauty of heritage skylights, we also enhance their functionality. Our state-of-the-art glazing improves energy efficiency. Laminated layers provide impact resistance and security. Structural enhancements prevent leaks, heat loss, and damage over time.

We combine proven old-world craftsmanship with the latest innovations to make your historical skylights lasting focal points. They will flood your heritage interiors with natural light for decades to come.

Partners in Preservation from Design to Installation

From initial design to final installation, Crystal Structures supports your goals for a historically accurate renovation. Our designers collaborate with you to recreate the intended aesthetics down to the finest details.

Then we fabricate each skylight to your precise specifications. We handle delivery and work alongside your contractors for smooth installation. Our Heritage Skylights update your historical building while retaining its authentic charm.

Bring new life to your heritage architecture. Contact our historical skylight specialists today to get started with a complimentary quote.

Interior of the carriage house and old skylight

Key considerations for historical skylight renovations.



Advanced glazing improves performance and efficiency while laminated layers enhance safety, though sightlines and geometry stay true to heritage architecture.


Meticulous attention to detail

Skylights are meticulously recreated to match original designs, with structural frames meeting modern codes and finishes replicating materials like copper cladding.


Accurate reproductions

The Heritage Skylight Series accurately reproduces the shapes, styling, and components of skylights from past eras like hipped ridgelights, wire glass, and faceted domes.

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