Shop Drawings & engineering

Shop Drawings

We provide detailed shop drawings for every project, standard or custom. These drawings will identify exactly what will be included in your package and how it will connect to your building and its foundation.

Shop drawings usually take 1 – 3 weeks to create based on the unit complexity and workload of our engineering department.

All shop drawings must be reviewed and approved by the customer prior to the unit moving into the production department. These drawings are not stamped by an engineer.

Certified Engineering

 When requested and on most commercial jobs we can provide certified (stamped) shop drawings and calculations. This work is performed by a licensed professional engineer (PE) in the state your project is located in.

All stamped drawings are “project specific” which means they can only be used for that particular project located at that address.

To perform this work we need the applicable building code in the region and all the design loads. This process will be performed after the customer approves the original shop drawings and prior to production.

Once the PE stamps the shop drawings we cannot change them unless the PE approves the change. This adds time and costs to all projects.