Skylight Repairs


You know with that first drip of moisture – your skylight needs to be repaired!

Whether you’re the property owner or the facility maintenance manager, you know the headache that can come with an older skylight.  While letting the light in, your older skylight can be a liability:

  • Leaking with rain or snow
  • Collecting condensation in fluctuating weather
  • Letting the cold in
  • Over-heating the room in full sun

Any moisture can end up on the floor below opening you to slip and fall injuries.  Increased costs for cooling and heating the area are also a real drain on the budget.

And then, there is the beauty factor – the reason a skylight was added!  And if your skylight is rusting, has broken panes, or has just gotten ugly over time – you know it’s time for an overhaul.

Click here to download our free skylight self-inspection checklist.

We work on all commercial skylights – old and new.  Our service includes all types of skylight repairs, renovations and replacements including:

  1.  Basic repair – caulking, cleaning out weepage systems, repair or replacing flashing.
  2.  Partial glass or polycarbonate pane replacements with new exterior caps
  3.  All-new glass or polycarbonate using the existing skylight structural frame.
  4.  Replacing the skylight with a new skylight.

If you’re at the end of your rope, you’ve called everyone else (and they aren’t willing to help) we’re here to save your skylight, end your headaches and make the skylight beautiful and functional again.

There are many services and benefits to choosing Crystal Structures:


    • Designing, Manufacturing & Installing Commercial Skylights
    • New Commercial Skylights
    • Free Inspection
    • Replace glazing
    • Leak fixes
    • General Evaluations
    • Insurance Claims
    • Litigation
    • Energy Savings Calculations
    • Extended Warranties


    • Peace of mind
    • Increased value of building
    • Energy savings
    • Reduced liability
    • Overall Comfort
    • Tennent appreciation
    • Increased revenue
    • Increased beauty
    • Reduce maintenance costs

Our skylight renovations are so good, they help property owners win big!

Our renovation work at the historic Grand Cavalier is one of our most outstanding projects.  The hotel, part of the Marriott Autograph collection of properties,  completed an $85 million renovation in March 2018 and has since won eight awards.  View before & after photos, and see a description of the project here!

Questions about skylight repair?