Sunroom and solarium repairs

Whether it’s Four Seasons, Sunshine Rooms or any other brand, we can repair your sunroom or solarium

“I called all over the country and couldn’t find anyone who could replace the curved glass of my sunroom until I called Crystal Structures.”

John L

Four Seasons Sunroom Owner

, Glass sunrooms or solariums gained popularity in the 1980s. Now, over 40 years later, many of these sunrooms need repairs. 

The foggy, glass cracked panes, and even the foundation settling can cause a beautiful solarium to fall into disrepair.  The room you used to love showing off now becomes an embarrassment.

We can help. As the commercial division of Sunshine Rooms Inc, Crystal Structures has the knowledge and expertise to repair your sunroom. We’ve built very large solariums, stretching across the frontage of large buidings and very small, window size units too. It doesn’t matter what company built the sunroom, we’ve repaired solariums made by Four Seasons, Solar Innovations, Florian, and many others. 

When we evaluate your sunroom for necessary repairs, you will also be offered options to vastly improve the appearance and comfort of your solarium. You’ll be glad to know that the improvements in insulated glass will make your solarium even more enjoyable. 


Solarium Fact

Moisture or rain leakage in your sunroom is often caused by deteriorating seals, ineffective flashing, cracked glass panels, or improperly fitting joints.

Advantages of sunroom repair or upgrades:


No more leaks

When seals are repaired you’ll find that leaks into the sunroom stop and you’ll be able to keep the room a more comfortable temperature.


A Clear view

Foggy glass comes from broken seals that impede the view. Glass replacement will restore the view.


end condensation issues

Condensation is caused by poorly fitted or poorly ventilated glass. When condensation happens, mold can form.


A Comfortable Room

When your sunroom is repaired you’ll find that your room is more comfortable no matter what season.


safety assurance

Outdated glass can be a safety issue. As building codes change, the requirements for glass in commercial and residential uses change.


Energy Efficient

When sunrooms are upgraded with new glass you’ll benefit from better insulation which results in energy efficiency.

We can repair sunrooms, solariums and other glass structures from these manufacturers and more!

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