Removable Skylights

Removable skylights allow for large machinery placement and exchanges long after the construction process is complete.

“We’re excited about these removable skylights because they make it easy for businesses to swap out any equipment”

Craig Andersen

National Sales Director

Crystal Structures announces the addition of removable skylights to the product lineup.  Removable skylights can be a useful addition to any building that houses large equipment.  

In addition to providing a glare-free light source for workers, these skylights offer an easy way to add, remove or exchange large equipment like MRI machines in hospitals. 

Water treatment plants also find the large, removable skylights to be a beneficial addition. Ranging in spans from a few feet to 20’ or more, the skylights are constructed of durable stainless steel.  When access is needed, the skylight is lifted off by crane using the lifting hooks included as part of the framework. 

Crystal Structures offers a range of “lift-off” styles including the popular pyramid, ridgelights, hipped ridgelights and custom configurations. These can be made with glass but are frequently constructed with polycarbonate to allow daylight while being lighter than a glass skylight.

“We’re excited about these removable skylights because they make it easy for businesses to swap out any equipment,” said Craig Andersen, National Sales Director,  “ As a business grows, it’s likely that a building addition restricts previously available access, installing a removable skylight on the roof is the solution.”

Skylight Fact

The Galaxy Removable Skylights are the perfect answer for those applications where natural lighting is desired, but access to the interior’s large equipment is also a requirement.

Some features of  the Galaxy Removable Skylights include:



High-impact, hail-resistant polycarbonate glazing in a variety of sizes and configurations


Finish Options

Frame finishes options include Polycron and Kynar paints, as well as anodized finishes


Fire Resistance

The skylights have ASTM E84 Class A Flame Spread Rating, as well as an ASTM D635 Class CCI Burn Rate


Light Transmission Rating

The multi-wall opal polycarbonate has a light transmission rate of 40%.


Certified Engineering

Certified engineering by a licensed engineer for your state can be provided


More Ratings

The multi-wall opal polycarbonate has a  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .39, and a U-value of .26

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