Monolithic Glass Canopy
With SkyQuest

This canopy uses your structure members
and our SkyQuest glazing skin system.

Non Structural Skylights

Features and benefits of using glass with our SkyQuest framing system

  • Glass allows you to “see the sky” and let more light pass through.
  • There are many glass colors available (clear, bronze, gray, green, blue and etc.)
  • Heat-strengthened, laminated glass is used for safety.
  • Our standard inner layer is .060 thick,  reducing breakage.
  • 4 weepage channels to help protect against leaks and allows condensation to drain
  • Frames are available in bronze or white paint or in anodized clear or dark bronze. Both finishes carry a 10-year warranty
  • Snap-on pressure caps hide unsightly screws and eliminate future dirt tracks

Optional upgrades

  • Tempered, laminated glass for increased strength and safety
  • A hurricane-rated inner layer of 0.90
  • SentryGard inner layer protects exposed edges and provides additional strength
  • White laminated inner layer provides a translucent appearance
  • Optional frame finishes available
  • Decorative ceramic frit coating: lines, dots, holes or custom designs

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  • SkyQuest framing usually runs parallel (on top) of your structural members.
  • The widths of bays vary based on your structural members.
  • IF the SkyQuest members run perpendicular to your structural members bay spacing should not exceed 24″. This can change based on live and wind loads.
  • A flat or near-flat canopy will require additional cleaning. We recommend at least a 2/12 pitch or more.


  • SkyQuest parallel application
  • SkyQuest perpendicular application

System Features & Benefits

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Specs for canopy*: PDF Version  ||  Editable Word Version

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Note: Specs provided represent our standards for the CSI section 086300 for Metal Framed Skylights; all specs are editable and can be modified per project and or for custom modifications. Specs and details are subject to change without notice, contact us if you have any questions.