Radiused Canopies

Curved canopies using our structural systems

Our radiused canopies can be built with several of our systems. These canopies require additional design assistance to assure architectural integrity. Please contact us early in the design process for assistance.

Features and benefits of the radiused canopies

  • Radiused canopies offer a very attractive design – these are everyone’s favorite types of canopies.
  • Sheds water, snow, and ice very efficiently.
  • 10-year warranty on most glazing selections
  • Can be designed using any of the systems below:
    • Monolithic standing seam (Crystal View 4)
    • Monolithic sheets using one of our structural system frames
    • Multi-wall standing seam (Crystal Gard 20)
    • Multi-wall sheets using one of our structural framing systems
  • Glazing materials are available in many colors, thicknesses, sizes, and coatings
  • Frames available in white and bronze paint, or clear or dark bronze anodized
  • Edge trim and gutters, match the framing system

Optional upgrades

  • Custom-frame colors (larger projects)
  • UV Coatings
  • Reflective coatings
  • All aluminum sub-structures

Call 1-800-222-1598 for design assistance or complete the form on the right.

Crystal View Features & Benefits

CSI Code:  # need these from Craig


  • Design elements vary with each system: Contact us to determine the correct system.
  • Each system has minimum bending radiused requirements: Contact us for information.
  • Several framing designs are available: Contact us for assistance selecting the best option.
  • Ratings are based on a 25lb live and 90 mph wind subject to change.


Base Framing – 2 Options

Crystal View 4 (Monolithic with structure)
Crystal Gard 20 (multi-wall standing seam)

Monolithic with structure

  • 225
  • 300
  • 575
  • 750
  • 850

Multi-wall with structure

  • 225
  • 300
  • 575
  • 750
  • 850

    Specs for canopy*: PDF Version  ||  Editable Word Version

    Contact Us for Design Assistance

    Note: Specs provided represent our standards for the CSI section 086300 for Metal Framed Skylights; all specs are editable and can be modified per project and or for custom modifications. Specs and details are subject to change without notice, contact us if you have any questions.