Crystal Vue Car Wash


A Crystal Structures Crystal Vue Car Wash structure can create the right look and have just the right functionality for your business – providing a cost-effective, practical and a visually-appealing way for you to begin and then grow your car wash business into profitability.

Your new build, once completed, will have a sparkling, modern appearance that you’ll find is both functional and easy-to-maintain. Our designs and the expertise behind our designs can help reduce construction time and help you to cut costs, as well.

We have spent decades perfecting our technology and service. The Crystal Structures team can give you:

  • An attention-grabbing design and well-lighted translucent design.
  • A sparkling, crystal-clear building to give your car wash great visibility, and promote safety, night and day.
  • And give you a stunning design that can  help you set record capture rates from the street.
  • A welcoming, attention-grabbing design with record-setting capture rates.
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