Sunpal & sunglaze


Sunglaze, by Palram, is a very attractive, clean, and sustainable canopy system. With a glass-like appearance, it comes in a variety of lengths and colors to match your building décor. The installation is easy to complete with 24” wide panels that are joined by an aluminum profile that protects the joints from moisture penetration and is enclosed with end caps. Sunglaze is supported by perpendicular members (usually made of steel), the substructure can be designed to withstand high wind loads and has been designed to allow for thermal expansion. Sunglaze has been used in canopies and walkway covers for many different business types.

Sunpal Polycarbonate Panels

Sunpal, by Palram, is an advanced multi-wall system that provides both thermal insulation, and light transmission and is available in several colors. It features a lightweight yet leak-proof design that will withstand very high loads when the substructure is designed to do so. Sunpal must be designed to at least a 5-degree slope, It’s also able to be installed in a curved or radius design. Sunpal comes in three thicknesses, 10mm, 12mm, & 18mm. All panels are 24” nominal in their width. Lengths up to 40’ are available.

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