Warehouse, Hangar and Industrial Daylighting Solutions

Translucent polycarbonate panels are an affordable solution for a variety of construction purposes.

“These are the perfect solution for large building openings when you want light, but not glass. Affordable and durable, these fit any project budget.”

Gus Frey

National Sales Director

Translucent wall systems offer an affordable solution for large openings in warehouses, hangars, gymnasiums, and other substantial buildings. 

In addition to providing a glare-free light source for workers, these wall systems are durable, we’ve used translucent panels in prisons because of their strength and security.


A perfect fit for any construction budget with features including:


    • Treated to absorb infra-red rays and block solar heat
    • No fading or yellowing with high-performance UV coatings on all surfaces
    • Panels can be cut to fit the size needed.
    • Easy, fast assembly with tongue and groove interlocking panels
    • No need for an intermediate frame system for a functional, attractive finish.
    • Virtually unbreakable, thick polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Fact

Polycarbonate has great insulating properties, performing better than glass. The insulating properties of translucent poly panels can lower energy costs.

More benefits of translucent polycarbonate panels: 


water resistant

Polycarbonate absorbs minimal moisture, making it resistant to water damage.



Polycarbonate is 30 times stronger than acrylic and over 200 times stronger than glass


Fire Resistance

Polycarbonate is flame-retardant and chemical-resistant, adding to the safety of the people in the building.


Light Transmission Rating

The multi-wall opal polycarbonate has a light transmission rate of 40%.


Easily Bendable

Translucent panels are lighter and many times can be bent for radiused canopies.


More Ratings

The multi-wall opal polycarbonate has a  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .39, and a U-value of .26

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