Bellevue 555 Tower

The city of Bellevue Washington is a suburb of Seattle located just across Lake Washington. It is the third largest city in the Seattle metro area and home to some of the world’s largest technology companies like T-Mobile.  Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, started his business in Bellevue and has committed to bringing 25,000 jobs to the area with his Bellevue 600 development.


In July 2021, the city of Bellevue approved a master plan to develop an active and exciting 18-hour environment in the downtown area.  The term 18-hour city describes a mid-size city with attractive amenities and transportation available for 18 hours out of the day.  This type of city also has a growing population, a lower cost of living, and an economy favorable to new businesses.   


The new master plan, Cloudvue, features several 600 ft tall buildings.  The first of those buildings to go up is the Bellevue 555 development.  Bellevue 555  is situated across from the new Amazon headquarters, Bellevue 600, which is currently under development. 

New CloudVue Development 

The Bellevue 555 tower, will be a mixed-use office tower with 42 stories and a 2-story pavilion.  The building will include almost 700K square feet of office space and nearly 1000 parking spaces.  The walkable area surrounding the building offers workers and city visitors an array of retail shops and restaurants.  The plans include terraces at various levels on the south-facing side of the building offering a beautiful view of the area.  

 “In conjunction with (Bellevue) 600, with (Tower) 555  . . . all of these projects are going to change the complexion of the downtown core and Northeast Eighth Street, and I think for the better,”  said Sally Nichols, a land-use planning manager with the city of Bellevue and project manager on Cloudvue.

 Another feature of the 555 Tower is the multiple terraces and various levels.  These terraces face south allowing an excellent view of the surrounding area.  And, because it rains a lot between October and May, canopies will provide overhead cover for the terrace walk-out spaces including a barbeque station.  

 Crystal Structures was referred to this project by Palram, a company that supplies a portion of our poly glazing sheets. We were invited to place a bid with McKinstry Construction and we were selected to supply 3 of our Crystal View, standing seam canopies for levels 3 and 32 of Bellevue 555 Tower.  We’re excited to be a part of the dynamic growth in downtown Bellevue and look forward to seeing people enjoy the view under our canopies. 


Project Complete

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