SkyQuest Canopies

Building canopies with our non-structural framing system and monolithic polycarbonate.

SkyQuest is our non-structural glazing system consisting of a base, pressure cap, cover, and related hardware. It’s an attractive and secure system that attaches to your aluminum, steel, or wood structural members.

Specially designed for glazing over a structural skeleton of steel, aluminum, or wood. The wide 300 system is designed to handle the high expansion and contraction ratios of wider polycarbonate panels.

Non Structural Skylights

Features and benefits of our SkyQuest system with monolithic polycarbonate

  • Polycarbonate is clear, and appears to be glass
  • 200 times stronger than regular glass
  • Sheets are available in many colors, some specialty colors will require additional lead time.
  • Sheet width is 48″ or 60″ and can be cut to fit custom bay widths
  • Sheet lengths are 10′
  • The product features a 10-year manufacturers warranty
  • Aluminum SkyQuest framing members are finished in white or bronze paint or clear or dark anodized.
  • System includes matching aluminum edge trim for a finished look.

Optional upgrades

  • Custom color frames for larger orders

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System Features & Benefits

CSI Code:  10 73 00


  • Framing members can run on top of your framing members or perpendicular.  In a perpendicular application, bay widths will be controlled by the thickness of the poly sheet and the local codes.  This is usually 24″ to 36″
  • Monolithic polycarbonate is available in 3mm and 5mm thickness

Minimum pitch of 1/12. We recommend a pitch of 2/12 or greater to reduce cleaning.



Specs for canopy*: PDF Version  ||  Editable Word Version

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Note: Specs provided represent our standards for the CSI section 086300 for Metal Framed Skylights; all specs are editable and can be modified per project and or for custom modifications. Specs and details are subject to change without notice, contact us if you have any questions.