Andrew Dirienzo

I find what we do interesting, something different. Coming from a similar role in a completely different field I like the challenge.”

~ Andrew

Production Manager

Meet Andrew Dirienzo, Production Manager.

Andrew is originally from northern Illinois and most recently Ohio.  He and his wife moved to Kansas with their daughter to be closer to family. 

Andrew is proud of the work at his previous employer, building out huge warehouses for the food industry and organizing the flow of inventory from smaller locations to the main facility.   As our production manager, Andrew oversees projects from the time the order is sold all the way through to the delivery at the destination where our installation crews take over.  The amount of organization that managing multiple projects require involves a lot of structure and following specific processes.  These are skills that Andrew has picked up throughout his career including EMT training and eight years in the Air Force.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys helping work on planes at Jabara Airport.  His brother and father are both small plane pilots and although Andrew doesn’t have his pilot’s license, his mechanical abilities come in handy. 

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