Polycarbonate clerestories are shedding new light on energy-efficient daylighting.

Polycarbonate Clerestory

Polycarbonate provides translucent brilliance in filtering natural light

A clerestory is an architectural element defined as a high section of wall containing windows above eye level, designed to admit daylight into a space. Polycarbonate clerestories are an innovative use of translucent panels that is transforming daylighting design. 

Polycarbonate is an ideal material because it evenly diffuses harsh direct sunlight. The result is a soft, pleasing quality of light that reduces glare and spreads daylight beautifully throughout interiors (see the gallery below).

When it comes to meeting LEED requirements, polycarbonate’s high transparency and light transmission capabilities make it an ideal material for ample natural light to penetrate deep into interior spaces. Incorporating polycarbonate glazing not only enhances visual aesthetics but also contributes to occupant well-being, productivity, and the fulfillment of LEED requirements related to daylighting and views.

Polycarbonate stands strong, boasting excellent UV stability. It withstands the harshest sunlight without yellowing, haziness, or significant degradation over time. Architects can trust that polycarbonate will maintain its visual appeal and structural integrity, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Unlike transparent glass, the translucent polycarbonate filters out UV rays while still transmitting ample visible light. This makes spaces more inviting and comfortable for occupants. Polycarbonate clerestories also offer excellent insulation, providing sunlight without excessive heat gain or loss.

Architects are waking up to the benefits of polycarbonate clerestories in creating sustainable, human-centered buildings. The passive daylighting provided with polycarbonate reduces the need for artificial lighting and energy resources. Occupants connect with the natural rhythms of the sun, improving health, mood, and productivity.

Polycarbonate clerestories allow architects to think creatively about bringing cost-effective, diffused natural light into any space, whether an office, gym, school, or home.

As renowned architect Louis Kahn noted, “A room is not a room without natural light.” Polycarbonate clerestories beautifully admit daylight while eliminating glare, making them a transformative choice for sustainable daylighting design. Their brilliant light-diffusing abilities are shedding new light on energy-efficient interiors.

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