Why Businesses Are Choosing Reglazing for Skylights and Glazed Structures

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Rather than entirely replacing skylights or glazed structures, reglazing just the IGUs provides many benefits

Skylights, solariums, and other glazed structures allow abundant natural light into commercial buildings. But over time, those glass panes and panels can fade, crack, and fog up. For many businesses, the problem stems from aging insulated glass units or IGUs.

What are Insulated Glass Units?

Since the 1970s, insulated glass has become common in commercial construction. IGUs contain two panes of glass sealed around a spacer bar, creating an insulated air space between them. The gap is filled with an inert gas to further reduce heat transfer.

IGUs provide superior insulation compared to single-pane glass. However, the seal around the glass panes eventually fails, allowing condensation and fogging inside the IGU. This reduces visibility and natural lighting. Most IGUs last around 15-25 years before seal failure depending on use.

Signs Your IGUs Need Replacement:

  • Condensation/fogging between glass panes
  • Visible scratches, cracks, or chips
  • Leaky skylights during storms
  • Drafts from broken window seals
  • Discolored or faded glass panels

Left untreated, deteriorating glass leads to:

  • Excessive heat loss and higher energy bills
  • Damaged or dangerous overhead structures
  • Dark, gloomy interior workspaces
  • Liability concerns with dripping water and wet floors

Why do businesses choose to reglaze rather than replace?

Rather than entirely replacing skylights or glazed structures, reglazing just the IGUs provides benefits:

  • Cost Effective – More affordable than full replacements
  • Fast Installation – Most projects are done in less than one week
  • Energy Efficient – New IGUs maximize natural light and insulation
  • Preserves Architecture – Original structures and details retained
  • Sustainable – Produces less waste than new construction

Replace the glass for a beautiful new look

Trust the experts

Don’t tolerate foggy, inefficient insulated glass units. Our licensed professionals can replace your outdated IGUs with new high-performance, energy-efficient ones, quickly and affordably. Contact us today for a free estimate on IGU reglazing for your greenhouse, skylights, sunroom, or other glazed commercial structures. We serve businesses nationwide with specialized expertise in reglazing and IGU replacement designed to restore natural lighting and efficiency.

Let the sunshine back in with professional reglazing from Crystal Structures! Get a skylight inspection checklist here.

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