Unveiling the Brilliance: Crystal Structures’ Remarkable Touch on Hotel Properties

Lodgeworks Archer Hotel

The fusion of beauty and functionality: Crystal Structures collaborations elevate the architectural splendor, creating inviting spaces that embrace hotel guests.

In the pursuit of creating unforgettable and visually stunning spaces, hotels across the United States have chosen Crystal Structures, experts in crafting exquisite canopies, skylights, and solariums, Crystal Structures has left an indelible mark on the hotel industry.  Working with renowned brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Hampton Inn, and boutique establishments like Pismo Beach is just the beginning.  Notable historic hotels like The Peabody, Hewig Hotel, Virgin Hotel in New Orleans, and Archer Hotels by Lodgeworks Partners have also embraced the transformative touch of Crystal Structure.  Read on to learn about some of these special projects.

Marriott Properties

We’ve been fortunate to be invited to contribute to six stunning hotels owned by the Marriott Corporation.

The Indianapolis North Marriott, a beacon of elegance in the vibrant city, has partnered with Crystal Structures to enhance its architectural appeal by converting a patio space into a lakeside restaurant and event venue with an enclosed solarium.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight


Moxy Hotel a new Marriott concept is known for its contemporary and lively atmosphere. Crystal Structures will be installing skylights and canopies for the new hotel in Asheville, NC,  adding to the vibrant and visually appealing destination.

Archer Hotels by Lodgeworks Partners

Archer Hotels, crafted by Lodgeworks Partners, epitomize modern luxury and elegance. By collaborating with Crystal Structures, these boutique hotels feature classic canopies and skylights that provide an architectural finesse blending timeless charm with contemporary design.

Hilton Properties

Of the four Hilton hotels we’ve worked with, the Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Wichita, KS is our hometown favorite. Located in the heart of the city, the rooftop solarium by Crystal Structures redefines its architectural allure.  The solarium provides a captivating oasis for guests.

Hampton Inn Properties

The Hampton Inn in Tampa, Florida, has leveraged the artistic prowess of Crystal Structures Glazing to create an inviting and stylish atmosphere. The integration of their architectural marvels has elevated this property, offering guests an enchanting stay.


Boutique Hotels

Crystal Structures Glazing has also left an imprint on boutique hotels, such as the one located in the picturesque Pismo Beach. The glass-topped open

Historic Hotels

The Peabody, an iconic historic hotel, has collaborated with Crystal Structures Glazing to preserve its rich heritage while infusing modern elegance with the addition of a rooftop solarium.

Hewing Hotel, a historic gem by Aparium Hotel Group, has embraced Crystal Structures expertise in keeping with the building’s original grandeur. With the incorporation of a ridged skylight, this hotel now stands as a testament to both its storied past and contemporary charm.

The Virgin Hotel in New Orleans, known for its unique blend of sophistication and eccentricity, has partnered with Crystal Structures to create a vibrant and visually captivating. The incorporation of a solarium enhances the hotel’s distinct personality.

Crystal Structures has also worked with the prestigious Cavalier Grand Hotel, breathing new life into its recreational pool area by replacing the worn-out sky roof. By blending traditional elements with a bright new skylight, they have created a captivating experience for guests.

Crystal Structures Glazing has emerged as a prominent partner for hotels seeking to add those unforgettable entrance canopies, statement skylights, and beautiful solariums.

The hotels showcased in this post and esteemed brands like Holiday Inn and, Jackson Hole Lodge, stand as testaments to the exceptional work done by Crystal Structures.

Through their expertise in canopies, skylights, and solariums, Crystal Structures has the ability to bring beauty, and functionality together, to enhance the architectural splendor of any hotel. Their collaborations have created spaces where guests feel welcome and comfortable.

As Crystal Structures continues to add to the redefinition of hotel architecture, it is evident that their innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail will continue to shape the hospitality industry, setting new standards for beauty, elegance, and guest experiences.

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