Moxy Hotel Asheville, NC

What does it mean to have moxy?

When you’ve got moxy, minor setbacks don’t keep you from trying again. You don’t give up easily and you’re determined. In a nutshell, it’s another way to say grit, courage, nerve, or a growth mindset. In many ways, these words also describe the younger generations. Seldom does life offer them lemons that they can’t turn into lemonade.

Enter the Moxy Hotel brand by Marriott. This hotel concept is more than a place to crash, it’s an experience. From check-in at the bar (no fussy registration counter) to the smart bedrooms and vibrant social spaces, this hotel offers playful, affordable yet stylish accommodations.

Marriott has over 60 Moxy Hotels worldwide with another 127 hotels in the works. One of those hotels is located in Asheville, NC.

Playful, Affordable & Stylish

“We believe that the Moxy brand will be a great fit for the creative and eclectic spirit of Asheville and are excited to start making progress on the hotel and its independent rooftop bar and restaurant,” said J.B. McKibbon. “This project has been a long-time coming and will round out our suite of Asheville hotels, creating new jobs and inviting spaces for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.” McKibbon Hospitality will be charged with operating the hotel and establishing the property’s leadership team upon opening

As with many hotels, the ambiance starts before you enter with elegant, practical canopies. The experience is further elevated with skylights for natural lighting. Crystal Structures will be providing canopies and skylights for this project.

“We are very excited to be a part of this boutique hotel concept by Marriott,” said Gus Frey, National Sales Manager. The skylights we are constructing will bring a massive amount of daylight into the building, helping to give the space life throughout the day and the night!”


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