Liberty Senior Living at Carrollton Courthouse

Working with historical buildings is something we really enjoy at Crystal Structures. These projects are always unique because they are completed keeping the historical aspects in mind. So when we found out that the historical Carrollton Courthouse was going to be upcycled and used for a senior living center, we were excited to be a part of the renovation.

“This was a building that the neighbors saw as a beacon to their neighborhood,” said Patrick Schindler, New Orleans-based Felicity Property Company, part of the development group over the project.

The Carrollton Courthouse was really only used as the courthouse for Jefferson Parish for nineteen years. It was originally built in 1855 by an Irish immigrant, Henry Howard, who learned architecture by working with his father’s architectural company.

Architectural Upcycling for Seniors

The two-story building design was reminiscent of the Greek revival and featured 18’ ceilings. The Carrollton is one of over 280 buildings designed by Howard throughout the south.

In 1874 The Carrollton was purchased by John McDonough and, after renovations, the building was opened in 1889 as a school. A series of schools operated in the building until 2013 when The Carrollton was vacant and over the next decade fell into disrepair.

“It was really run down. No one had been there for years on end, “ said Alex Stuart, Project Manager for Impetus, the contractor on the development.

In 2017 was sold at auction to developers who planned a 93-bed senior living center including memory care. The plans included adding 2 new, L-shaped wings to the north and south of the Carrollton, with Carrollton becoming the centerpiece and common area topped with a skylight.

Crystal Structures was selected to replace the historic building’s skylight and our Galaxy Ridgelight, the metal-framed skylight was chosen as the best solution. Ridgelights are the most economical form of metal framed skylights. And because the skylight straddles the building’s rooftop, no end walls will be necessary, making the skylight an affordable yet elegant solution.

As the project nears completion, the community is eager to see the final results. “We have always been sensitive to the needs of the community. We want to be good neighbors and blend well into the fabric of the neighborhood,” said Patrick Schindler, “And we feel like we have done that.”

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