Eli Woodis

“I’m the lines and circles guy. I really enjoy computer technology and being a part of what makes the ideas come to life.”

~ Eli

Computer-Aided Design

Meet Eli Woodis, Project Designer

Eli has been an unofficial part of the Crystal Structures family since 1996 when his dad, Alan Woodis, joined our manufacturing team. Eli began employment with Crystal Structures working alongside his dad in the manufacturing department.  But his love of computers pulled him into the design side. 

Eli completed his education in computer-aided design several years ago and has moved up to be our lead designer, helping architects transform ideas into the plans we need to bring them to life. He likes to think of himself as the “lines and circles” guy.  

When not busy with design, Eli enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, Marnie.  In fact, we sometimes see Marnie in the office.  Could she be planning to follow the family tradition? We’ll have to wait and see!


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