Patrick Lester

“I enjoy working with Crystal Structures because I am able to focus on one small part of the construction industry. The products here are unique and the team is great to work with.”

~ Patrick


Patrick Lester keeps projects within budget with skillful estimating

Patrick Lester has a long history in the construction business. He’s handled his own remodeling jobs and served as project manager for Wichita area general contractors.  As the estimator, Patrick makes sure that all elements of our projects are accounted for in the proposal and contract.  With his wealth of experience, Patrick works to make the customers happy while covering our expenses.

What you may not know about Patrick is that he spent four and one-half years in seminary school.  After a lifetime of education in private schools, he originally thought he might want to spend his life in the service of others.  But eventually decided that it wasn’t for him, leading him into the construction industry.

Patrick’s skill has been a real asset to Crystal Structures and we’re thankful that he is at the helm when it comes to estimating projects.




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