Oak Spring Garden Foundation

NEW PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT July 2022, #25364 GrowTech Architectural Greenhouse Engineering: Sunshine Rooms Inc. Installation: Sleepy Creek Sunrooms CSI code 13 43 13 The Oak Spring Garden Foundation was established in 1993 by Rachel, “Bunny” Mellon.  Bunny developed an...

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We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the contractors, glass companies, roofers, engineers, and architects that consider using our products. We know that the construction industry is full of options and we’re glad you’ve chosen Crystal Structures.

Hudson Greenhouse
Oak Bluff, MA

Passive Solar Greenhouse
Architect: Maurice O’Connor
Order #25362

Hudson Passive Greenhous

Optim Orthopedics
Statesboro, GA

2 blue poly canopies
Architect: Stengenga & Partners
Contractor: BAK Builders
Order #25361

Optim Orthopedics

Ridgway Elementary
Ridgway, CO

Canopies & translucent panels
Architect: RTA Architects
Contractor: BAK Builders
Order #25360

Ridgway Elementary Project

Fairbanks Community Center
Sudbury, MA

SkyView 40 translucent wall panels
Architect: Bargmann, Hendrie & Archetype
Contractor: Colantonio Inc.
Order #25359

Fairbanks Community Center

Howell Solarium
Andover, KS

20′ x 14′ solarium addition
Design: Sunshine Rooms Inc.
Engineering: Sunshine Rooms Inc.
Order #25363

Straight Eave Solarium

Rokeby Farms
Upperville, VA

Level 2 GrowTech Greenhouse
Engineering: Sunshine Rooms Inc.
Order #25364


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Our home is in the heartland, however, we are able to work from coast-to-coast, on a multitude of different projects.

We coordinate with contractors and collaborate with architectural teams to craft beautiful, sunlit, and functional spaces – whether it’s a custom skylight, a sunroom, a canopy, translucent panels, or more.

Our roster of talented, efficient sales staff and our support team tailor projects to the specific requirements of each client and each space. They take into account the location, context, and aesthetic needs to provide the best products for each project.