Oak Spring Garden Foundation

NEW PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT July 2022, #25364 GrowTech Architectural Greenhouse Engineering: Sunshine Rooms Inc. Installation: Sleepy Creek Sunrooms CSI code 13 43 13 The Oak Spring Garden Foundation was established in 1993 by Rachel, “Bunny” Mellon.  Bunny developed an...

Thank You!

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the contractors, glass companies, roofers, engineers, and architects that consider using our products. We know that the construction industry is full of options and we’re glad you’ve chosen Crystal Structures.

Commonwealth Charter Academy
Wyomissing, GA

Design: Strada Architecture
Glass Partner: Arrow Glass

Order #25413

Residential Solarium

Austin’s Restaurant
Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Sunpal Canopy
Architect: Local Architects LLC
Contractor: Morgan Building
Order #25414

Residential Greenhouse

St Mary’s College High School
Albany, CA

Sunglaze Canopy
Design: St Mary’s College
Order #25429

Walnut Valley Learning Center

Northwest Trends
Liberty Lakes, WA

SkyView 40
Architect: Trek Architecture
Contractor: KTP
Order #25416

Hartnett Jetport

Iola Elementary School
Iola, KS

Architect: Schaefer Architects
Contractor: Coonrod
Order #25418

LeFlore High School

Colorado Springs Senior Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Thermalite Plus
Architect: RTA Architects
Contractor: WE O’Neil

Order #25419

Residential Skylight

Abbotsmith Residence
Cincinnati, OH

SkyQuest 225 skylight
Architect: RWA Architects Inc.
Contractor: Timeless Classic Design Contracting
Order #25420

Non Structural Skylights

Steel Chef Suites
Orlando, FL

Architect: Baker Barrios
Contractor: Three Wise Men Hospitality

Order #25421

Mt Vernon Recreational Center

Utah State University – HPER Bldg
Logan, UT

Architect: Fosgren Associates Inc.
Contractor: DWA Construction
Order #25422

KC Star Historic Grand

LCLT Community Center
Lexington, KY

Sunglaze Canopy
Architect: Integrity Architecture
Contractor: DW Wilburn

Order #25423

Burton ISD Katy TX

Watson Conservatory
Santa Rosa, CA

Designer:  Watson
Engineering: Sunshine Rooms, Inc.
Order #25424

KC Star Historic Grand

Seale Residence
Augusta, KS

Design: Sunshine Rooms, Inc.
Contractor: S & S Remodeling

Order #25426

Residential Greenhouse

Howard Residence
Nixa, MO

Contractor: S & S Remodeling
Order #25427


Rockbridge Innovation Center
Lexington, VA

Architect: Spectrum Design
Contractor: KNA Contracting

Order #25428

Burton ISD Katy TX

Toles Residence
Englewood, CO

Design: Sunshine Rooms Inc.
Installation: Colorado Sunrooms
Order #25430

Residential Skylight

Northern Cambria School District
Barnesboro, PA

Architect: Axis Architecture
Contractor: LS Fiore

Order #25431

Burton ISD Katy TX

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Our home is in the heartland, however, we are able to work from coast-to-coast, on a multitude of different projects.

We coordinate with contractors and collaborate with architectural teams to craft beautiful, sunlit, and functional spaces – whether it’s a custom skylight, a sunroom, a canopy, translucent panels, or more.

Our roster of talented, efficient sales staff and our support team tailor projects to the specific requirements of each client and each space. They take into account the location, context, and aesthetic needs to provide the best products for each project.