Toyota North America Headquarters

About this Project

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the new Toyota North America Headquarters is no exception.

When Toyota first came to the United States in 1957, it started in a small, old car dealership. Located in Southern California, they had 2 vehicle brands and a very foreign name.  Today Toyota is one of the most recognized and respected car companies in the world.

Having long since outgrown its company offices in So Cal, the company has been working from multiple offices across the US including Kentucky and New York.  Toyota recognized that further growth would require closer collaboration between the units so they set out looking for a place to build a single campus for all employees.  Plano Texas was chosen as the site of the 100-acre campus in 2014.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

One Toyota, as the campus is called internally, consists of 11 buildings including the parking garages.  In building the facility, Toyota is working towards Platinum-level LEED certification, the highest possible standard.  To reach the goal, the campus is using solar panels to generate up to 30% of the power used, rainwater catch and store units for irrigation, and skylights for lighting to reduce dependence on the power grid.

Crystal Structures was awarded the project of providing over 100 skylights on the campus including 2 large blue oval glazed structures.  The project was brought to us by Brent Thompson of ArchSpec.  Roy Schmucker and his team are responsible for the glazing on this huge project.