Dow Gardens Butterfly Conservatory

About this Project

The Dow Gardens Butterfly Conservatory: A Showcase of Crystal Structures’ Expertise in Skylight and Glass Work

The Dow Gardens Butterfly Conservatory in Midland, Michigan, is a remarkable example of the potential of glass manufacturing and construction. This stunning structure, which first opened its doors in 2004, underwent a significant update in 2021, with Crystal Structures at the helm of the skylight and inverted window renovations.

A Butterfly Haven’s Crowning Glory

The conservatory, spanning an impressive 6,200 square feet, is crowned by a 74-foot square pyramid skylight that soars 26 feet above the ground. Crystal Structures was tasked with updating and reglazing this magnificent skylight using their SkyQuest system, a nonstructural solution installed atop the existing steel structure. The entrance is also graced with a smaller ridgelight, further enhancing the visual appeal of the conservatory.

Inverted Glass Walls: A Crystal-Clear View

In addition to the skylights, Crystal Structures showcased their expertise by reglazing the inverted glass walls of the conservatory. The glass used throughout the structure allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding garden and the vibrant butterflies without any visual distortion or coloration. The anti-reflective coating applied to the glass minimizes glare and ensures a crystal-clear view of the wonders within.

Precision and Attention to Detail

The manufacturing process undertaken by Crystal Structures required meticulous attention to detail, as even the slightest imperfection could jeopardize the integrity of the structure. The reglazing process demanded the same level of precision and care as the original construction, with each glass panel carefully installed and secured using specially designed clips and fasteners.

Skylight over pool Cavalier

Creating the Perfect Environment

To maintain the ideal habitat for the conservatory’s butterfly residents and the lush, tropical plants, Crystal Structures supplied new greenhouse equipment designed to provide precise temperature controls. This ensures that the environment remains perfectly suited to the needs of its delicate inhabitants.

The Dow Gardens Butterfly Conservatory stands as a testament to Crystal Structures’ expertise in skylight and glass work. Their contribution to the 2021 update of this iconic structure showcases the company’s commitment to innovation, precision, and collaboration with architects and contractors to create spaces that push the boundaries of what is possible in glass manufacturing and construction.