Teajai Kimsey

Teajai Kimsey, Director of Marketing/Communications

“I think the products we make are really unique and special.  I’m excited to be spreading the word about Crystal Structures.”

~ Teajai

Marketing & Communications

Meet Teajai Kimsey, Marketing & Communications

Teajai has over 20 years of marketing experience starting with building her own digital marketing agency in 2000.  She enjoys using her knowledge of business and psychology as part of marketing campaigns, discovering what message really resonates with the audience.  

Teajai first joined our team in 2016, then left to pursue other marketing opportunities and returned in June of 2022, recommitting herself to being the company cheerleader. (Yes, that is in her job description)

Outside of work, Teajai loves to host her family including her parents, kids, and grandkids during the holidays.  She enjoys crafting, scrapbooking, and volunteering as a KS Humane Society foster mom to animals in need of temporary homes outside the shelter.  If you talk to Teajai, ask her about her Corgi. 


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