Cavalier Beach Club
  • November 2022, #25381
  • Canopy replacement
  • CSI: 08 45 00

Imagine yourself on a tropical oasis with an infinity pool, an amazing view of the ocean, and all the amenities of a five-star hotel. That vision is attainable at the Cavalier Beach Club in Virginia Beach.

Located across Pacific Avenue from the historic Cavalier Hotel, the beach venue opened on Memorial Day in 1929. During its heyday, the Beach Club hosted many big dance bands like Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller, and Lawrence Welk. Celebrities like Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald, flocked to this semi-private beach property to have fun in the sun. Between 1930 and 1950 the Beach Club booked more entertainment than any other venue. It was an icon of the times, synonymous with wealth and privilege.

The years were not kind to the nearby Cavalier Hotel, it served as a naval training base during World War I and afterward, the crowds just weren’t the same. The Beach Club was not attracting the celebrity crowd that once visited the venue. Finally, after changing owners and falling into disrepair, the hotel was closed and sold. The Beach Club was demolished in 2014.


After years of renovation and rebuilding, the Cavalier Hotel and Cavalier Beach Club reopened in May 2018. 
In 2022, hurricane Ian struck.

Canopy replacement after hurricane

At the base of the Cavalier Hotel’s grand lawn hotel guests and area residents can enjoy farm-to-table dining while taking in the ocean view at the Beach Club. Swimmers in the infinity pool may enjoy drinks and appetizers from the poolside bar and grill. The amenities at this semi-exclusive venue are many.

“On the pool deck we offer a high level of hospitality, with staff passing out amenities like fresh fruit or a cold towel,” said Sarah Kohart, club manager, in an August 2022 interview.

All of this changed on September 30, 2022, when Ian made landfall just south of Virginia Beach as a category 1 hurricane. An emergency call was made mid-afternoon citing electrical issues. As the high wind continued, parts of the Beach Club canopy panels broke or blew completely away. The normal closing day at the end of the season was suddenly accelerated. The Beach Club was closed.

The hurricane was originally a category 5 as it tore across Florida before heading into the southern states. The damage is estimated to be in the billions and many will be making repairs and rebuilding for a long time. While damage to the Cavalier Beach Club is not a total loss, repairing the canopies is key to the club’s operations and aesthetics.

Here at Crystal Structures, we are experts at renovations and repairs. In fact, we were part of the massive renovations to the Cavalier Hotel when it reopened in 2018. Crystal Structures restored the historic skylight above the swimming pool by installing a new skylight with similar aesthetics while offering increased energy efficiency and safety.

So when our supplier, Palram, referred us to the Cavalier Beach Club management, we were ready to head out to inspect the damage and offer a plan for repairs.

We know that the Cavalier Beach Club is part of a historic establishment and we are eager to once again be part of restoring part of the Cavalier properties. “I think there’s something about … your own little private oasis while you’re on vacation that’s pretty special,” said Kohart.


Watch for updated photos when this project is completed.

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