Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

About this Project

Crystal Structures Builds Rooftop Classroom Greenhouse for Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Chicago

Abraham Lincoln Elementary, a school with nearly 900 students located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community, had an unused area on its second-story rooftop. Seeing an opportunity to transform this space into a unique learning environment, the school leaders reached out to Crystal Structures to design and build a classroom greenhouse.

Since 1871 Abraham Lincoln Elementary has been educating students in the Lincoln Park community of Chicago IL.  The school is located in the third-largest school district in the nation and has an attendance of almost 900 students.  They also have a classroom greenhouse on the second story.
Greenhouse at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

Crystal Structures took on the challenge and constructed a robust, code-compliant classroom greenhouse tailored to the school’s specific needs. The company’s expertise in greenhouse design and construction ensured that the structure would withstand the demands of the urban environment and provide a safe, engaging space for students to learn and grow.

In addition to the greenhouse, Crystal Structures built a canopy that offers shelter from the doorway to the greenhouse and serves as a platform for six Sharp brand solar panels. This innovative design not only enhances the school’s green building standards but also demonstrates to students the practical applications of renewable energy.

The rooftop transformation didn’t stop with the greenhouse. The additional space was utilized to cultivate plants outdoors, creating an inviting area for children to spend time under the sun. The greenhouse also serves as a perfect alternative for classes during inclement weather, ensuring that students can continue to engage in hands-on learning experiences year-round.

Thanks to Crystal Structures’ expertise and craftsmanship, Abraham Lincoln Elementary now boasts an exceptional rooftop classroom greenhouse that enriches the learning experience for its students and showcases the school’s commitment to sustainability and innovative education.