Acura of Rio Grande Valley 

About this Project

There’s almost nothing prettier than a fancy new car gleaming in the sunlight.  At the Acura of Rio Grande Valley in San Juan TX, they have the next best thing: skylights.  The cars in the showroom are displayed under 1 of 3 skylights where they have all the glitter and shine you want in a new vehicle.

The primary skylight is 10′ x 50′ ridgelite with one gabled end.  It is on the center of the showroom roof, running the depth of the showroom.  Centered under this skylight is the spotlight vehicle, often with a bright ribbon on the hood.  The two smaller skylights are 10′ x 20′ ridgelites with gabled ends, which allows light to stream in over strategically placed vehicles.

With the sunny Texas sky, there is plenty of daylight coming into the showroom which makes showcasing the cars a real treat for the staff. 

Acura of the Rio Grande Valley