Technical College High School Brandywine Campus

About this Project

Our skylights can be made in virtually any shape, one of the more unique designs is the low-profile barrel vault.  This skylight looks like half a tube when you look down the center.  Built for Delaware County Community College, the red-framed barrel provides natural light for the full 100′ span across the rooftop of the Brandywine Campus.

Under the skylight is the main hallway in an academic institution that specializes in the culinary arts!  While the students at DCCC can learn a variety of topics, the professional chefs help prepare students who want to become professionals at top restaurants.  The school offers hands-on training in a full range of baking and cooking techniques.

With structures of this type, we bend the glass to the specific curve shape and then ship it to the destination for installation.  The curved glass forms the half-moon shape of the barrel.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier