Technical College High School Brandywine Campus

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The Unique Beauty of Barrel-Shaped Skylights: A Look at Delaware County Community College’s Stunning Installation

When it comes to skylights, the possibilities for unique and eye-catching designs are endless. One of the most striking and memorable shapes is the low-profile barrel vault skylight. This distinctive design, which resembles half a tube when viewed from the center, is a true architectural marvel.

A prime example of this stunning skylight design can be found at Delaware County Community College’s Brandywine Campus. The red-framed barrel skylight spans an impressive 100 feet across the rooftop, providing an abundance of natural light to the main hallway below. The skylight’s curved shape and vibrant red frame create a visually striking contrast against the building’s exterior, making it an instant focal point.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight

The process of creating a barrel-shaped skylight requires precision and expertise. The glass is carefully bent to the specific curve shape before being shipped to the installation site. Once on location, the curved glass is meticulously assembled to form the signature half-moon shape of the barrel vault skylight.

The result is a breathtaking architectural feature that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building but also serves a practical purpose by flooding the interior space with natural light. The barrel-shaped skylight at Delaware County Community College is a testament to the power of innovative design and skilled craftsmanship, creating a truly unique and memorable experience for all who pass beneath it.

Skylight over pool Cavalier