Pittsburg State University Center for the Arts

About this Project

Located in Pittsburg Kansas, the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts is at the heart of the Pittsburg State University Campus.  This lovely new building features several wonderful areas to celebrate the arts including:

  • 3500 sq ft art gallery
  • 250 seat theater
  • 1,100 seat performance hall.
Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

It’s also the location of the Alan G & Roberta Harlow Wetzel Skylight by Crystal Structures.  The skylight is 86′ long and starts at 2′ on the narrow end and 18′ at its widest, above the stairway to the second floor.  The metal-framed skylight elegantly curves around the exterior of the performance hall allowing light to cascade down the beautifully stained wood wall and across the formidable first-floor lobby.  As you can see from the photos, this custom skylight really adds to the ambiance of the building.