• Location: Fayetteville, NC
  • Product: Transit system canopies
  • ContractorCSI Construction Systems Inc
  • Architect: Gantt Huberman Architects
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 
  • 24712

About this Project

Fayetteville is a three-time All-American City in the Southwestern part of North Carolina.  Located on the Cape Fear River, the area is a haven for over 215,000 people including a large number of military families.  The local base, Ft. Bragg, has been recognized for the outstanding support that is provided to those who serve our country.

If you want to get somewhere in Fayetteville, the FAST (Fayetteville Area System of Transit) buses can take you there.  With 27 buses covering 19 set routes the FAST system gives 1.6 million passenger trips every year.

FAST Multimodel
FAST Multimodel

The FAST system grew out of humble beginnings as the Cape Fear Transit System.  In 1976 the city of Fayetteville took over the bus system and just this year FAST opened a new transit station at 147 Old Wilmington Rd.

The City of Fayetteville was awarded a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant for $8 million in July 2012 to construct a downtown Multimodal Transit Center.   The grant is aimed at providing rural and non-metropolitan areas to improve access for residents to basic human services and employment.

Canopy system by Crystal Structures

Crystal Structures contributed to this project with the construction of 4 large canopy overhangs to protect passengers getting on and off the buses.  The canopies range in size from 80′ x 5′ across to 229′ x 23′ across.  These canopies provide a modern aesthetic to the transit center while offering protection from the elements.