Carousel Pavilion at Botanica

About this Project

The Carousel Pavilion at Botanica, the Wichita Gardens, is a stunning tribute to the beloved Joyland amusement park and the Nelson family who owned it. The pavilion, designed by WDM Architects and constructed by Conco Construction, houses the restored circa 1949 Merry-Go-Round from Joyland, providing a new home for the iconic attraction.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

A child watches the Merry-Go-Round at Joyland Park, circa 1980s

Crystal Structures played a crucial role in the pavilion’s design, contributing to the unique and visually appealing canopy that wraps around the front of the building. The canopy, along with the glass skylight overhead, is segmented to complement the octagonal shape of the 9,000 sq ft pavilion, inspired by the carousel’s 14-segment, 40′ circular design.

The collaboration between Crystal Structures, WDM Architects, and Conco Construction resulted in a seamless integration of the canopy and skylight with the overall structure. The clear glass garage doors allow the carousel to be visible to patrons day and night while maintaining the advantages of climate control, ensuring the longevity and preservation of the restored attraction.

Crystal Structures takes pride in its contribution to the Carousel Pavilion, which has become a perfect addition to the Downing Children’s Garden area of Botanica. The pavilion serves as a tribute to Joyland and the Nelson family and provides a space where adults can relive their childhood memories while creating new ones with their loved ones.

The successful completion of the Carousel Pavilion is a testament to the expertise and dedication of Crystal Structures in creating unique and functional canopy solutions for landmark projects. The company is thrilled with the outcome and is honored to have been a part of this heartwarming endeavor that preserves a piece of Wichita’s history for generations to come.

The Carousel Pavilion won the 2020 Award of Excellence by the Associated General Contractors of America, Kansas Chapter