Chappy Mall, Branson

About this Project

The Chappy Mall in Branson, Missouri is home to an impressive oval-shaped skylight that serves as the centerpiece of the shopping center. This skylight measures 35 feet by 17 feet, with fanned ends giving it an oval silhouette. Vertical clerestory windows lead up to a smaller oval skylight capped by a decorative spire.

Chappy Mall Branson
Chappy Mall Skylight

Over two decades of exposure to weather, the signature skylight suffered wear and tear and was in need of major renovation. Crystal Structures was hired to restore the iconic skylight to its former glory.

The extensive restoration project involved replacing all of the glass with modern UV-blocking panes. The smaller top skylight was also fully replaced. Crystal Structures’ expert technicians conducted the renovations while preserving the original, striking design.

The restored skylight now serves as the crown jewel of The Chappy Mall, letting in natural light for shoppers to enjoy. Crystal Structures’ skylight renovation utilized current techniques and materials to revitalize this centerpiece, which will provide picturesque views for decades to come.

The project highlights Crystal Structures’ specialty in structural skylight restoration. Their skill and craftsmanship revived an iconic landmark in Branson, honoring the history of the city while investing in its future. The restored skylight stands as a tribute to the Branson community.