Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport Hangar

About this Project

Monroe NC, located in Union County, is considered part of the Charlotte greater metro area.  With a population of 37,000, it’s a growing community home of Ludwig drums and timpani.  

Located nine miles northwest of Monroe is the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport.   The airport is home base to 86 aircraft and provides a place for people to take flying lessons and private flights.  One of the most appealing reasons to fly out of Monroe is their in-house US Customs office, which is much easier to navigate than the large international airports. 

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Charlotte-Monroe is a very busy airport for its size. Smaller than the more well-known Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, the Monroe airport provides over 56,000 aircraft operations each year. And the number of aircraft being refueled or towed has doubled over the past six years. The growth is similar to what Union County has experienced over the last decade, “It actually reflects what’s happening in the community,” says Peter Cavallos, airport manager, “not just because of what people come in here but the area businesses.”

Peter also sees the airport as playing an important role in the commercial aircraft industry. “Older pilots are aging out, and we’re in a shortfall right now with a number of pilots, and we’re scrambling,” said Peter. The ability to educate new pilots helps create a pipeline to becoming professional commercial pilots. Charlotte-Monroe helps fill that pipeline.


When Cirrus Aircraft needed a location for sales, service, training, and maintenance, they chose the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport. The hangar that was built allows all of these options and storage for airplane owners. From a construction standpoint, aircraft hangars are unique. They are large and hollow requiring huge doors to accommodate the airplanes. Keeping the building efficient includes building doors that are lightweight yet sturdy. Crystal Structures has just the product with our SkyView 40.

SkyView 40 is a multi-wall polycarbonate system that uses a 40mm interlocking tongue and groove wall panel. The structure eliminates the need for a vertical intermediate frame system. The panels are clipped from behind the structural members. For large hangar doors, it is clean, attractive, and lightweight. While SkyView 40 is available in several colors, the Charlotte-Monroe hangar chose a “clear” application that allows the special theatrical lighting inside the hangar to really light up the building from the inside out.

SkyView 40 features a thermally enhanced frame and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.