Cumberland Academy

About this Project

Cumberland Academy, established in 1996 by Dr and Mrs James Cotton, quickly became the premier charter school in Tyler, TX, thanks to their vision of offering small classes with passionate educators. As the student base continued to grow, the school moved to 1340 Shiloh Road in 2010 and began educating children up to the 8th grade by 2014. To accommodate this growth, a new addition was constructed, featuring translucent wall panels installed by Crystal Structures.

Cumberland Academy, Tyler TX

Translucent polycarbonate panels for daylighting.

Crystal Structures played a significant role in the Cumberland Academy expansion project by installing 11 translucent polycarbonate wall panels on the interior and exterior of the school, with some panels spanning up to 40 feet in length. These panels were chosen for their ability to provide the perfect amount of diffused natural light without the glare associated with full-view glass.

The translucent nature of the polycarbonate panels helps to enhance the learning experience, as numerous studies have demonstrated the positive impact of natural light on student performance. Furthermore, the use of natural light helps reduce the cost of illuminating the building, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

The installation of these translucent polycarbonate wall panels by Crystal Structures has greatly contributed to the success of the Cumberland Academy expansion project, creating a well-lit and conducive learning environment for students.   Learn more about our translucent polycarbonate systems here.