Defense Intelligence Agency

  • Product: Solarium
  • Contractor: KBR Services
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 13 34 13.16
  • 23676

About this Project

​Crystal Structures was brought on board in 2007 to upgrade an existing building on Bolling AFB through the addition of an impressive new solarium. Spanning 23′ x 144′, the vast solarium serves as a cafeteria and break area for building occupants.

The standout feature of Crystal Structures’ solarium is the incorporation of the company’s signature built-in accessory tracks within the glass enclosure. These unique tracks are exclusively available through Crystal Structures. This allows plants to be positioned for optimal sunlight exposure and creates flexibility for reconfiguring the accessorized tracks as needed.

Defense Intelligence DC
Defense Intelligence DC

The end result is a light-filled gathering hub for employees, accented by greenery and adjustable shades. Crystal Structures’ specialty accessory tracks empower effortless transformations to keep the solarium feeling fresh over time. According to a facilities manager, “The versatility of the track system has allowed us to rearrange and update the solarium to adapt to changes in use and decor. It’s a major perk of working with Crystal Structures.”

This adaptable cafeteria installation demonstrates Crystal Structures’ capabilities for incorporating customizable features into stunning glass atriums and solariums. Their attention to detail and client requirements yields exceptional spaces that can evolve along with owner needs.